Seniors360: Functional Screening Session

One-stop Functional Screening Session
In collaboration with Silver Generation Office

For all our seniors 60 y.o. and above, find out if our eyes, ears and mouth are in good health.

19 Aug (Sat) Between 9am to 1pm, Chapel

  1. FOC for Pioneer Generation
  2. $2 for Merdeka Generation, or holder of 
    CHAS Blue or Orange Card
  3. $5 for holder of CHAS Green Card and other eligible Singaporeans

What can I expect from the programme?

  1. Get my eyes, ears and mouth checked, and receive results on the spot
  2. If eligible, you can get fitted for spectacles, hearing aids and dentures at affordable costs. You may also receive a referral for follow-up care, if needed.

Sign up by 8 Aug for your preferred time slot (half hour time slot, between 9am to 12.30pm). or call Wendy (63538081) to sign up.

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