Prayer Points 28 Jan 2024

Our Church

Women’s Weekend 2024 – Thank God for the Women’s Weekend (13 Jan), where nearly 80 ladies, young and old, met to be encouraged by foundational gospel truths from Colossians. We also thank God for the precious opportunities of ministering to one another with our lives and our lips, through the discussions, panel sharing, and conversations. As Zion Bishan seeks to present every member mature in Christ, let us continue praying for the growth and maturity of the ladies in our midst.

Mission Focus – While the work of missions is challenging and costly, it is also our privilege as His Church. As we learn to #getreal about our Father’s Mission, pray for His Spirt to shape and transform our hearts to be more like His, in order that we may grow in faith and obedience to the Lord’s call to be on mission for Him.

Our People

Bro Sum Pooi – Thank God for His healing grace on Bro Sum Pooi, a visually challenged brother from the Cantonese Congregation, who recovered from a life-threatening illness. However, he will not be able to return home and has to reside at the Ling Kwang Home with constant supervision. Pray for his resettlement. Thank God also for the big team of brothers and sisters who have been supporting him every day all these years. We are making arrangements to enable him to return for worship.

Our World

Myanmar – Our partner here recently returned from a 5 day visit to 2 places in a region that has received many people fleeing the civil war. With the help of his contacts, he brought 700 blankets, some food and shelter equipment to give to those in need. Our partner shared how he saw many elderly and children staying without shelter and adequate food. It was also cold, about 13 degrees where they were. Pray for the provision of food, shelter, and medicine for all displaced by the conflict. He shared the heart of all in Myanmar for peace to come and an end to the war they are facing.

Ipoh – We thank God for Ps Ebinezer’s faithful visits up to Ipoh twice a month. In December, more people from our church were able to join in a trip here to help in a Christmas outreach. Thank God for 35 attendees to this. A family of three attended for the first time. During that outreach 9-10 families received grocery bags and times of prayer together. May the seed of the gospel grow in their hearts and bear fruit in changed lives in God’s time. Pray for good follow up from this outreach.

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