Prayer Points 28 Apr 2024

Our World

Nepal – Last month, a 9 yr old boy named Vivek from one of our partner’s centres. He injured his left eye badly while playing with other kids in Mid-March 2024. Due to the lack of medical facilities, he had to be moved to various hospitals to seek treatment as the pupil of his eye was severely damaged. Our hearts go out to him because he has to undergo many surgeries to treat the damaged eye. Pray for God’s mercy and healing. In addition to this, we praise God for providing a new building and accommodation for our partner’s children in a northwestern part of the country. Pray that the children and staff of this NGO will be a beacon of Christ’s light for its neighbourhood. This week, we also received news that a female buffalo has been purchased to provide 7-8 litres of milk daily for one of partners centres. We thank God for this provision through ZB donors. 

India – Income Generation Projects (IGP) – IGPs are how one partner is helping rural pastors with very small congregations have enough for their livelihood. This partner gives thanks for the addition of 10 new piglets to the existing 26 other piglets and 2 mothers. While this project seems successful, others are not doing as well. Pray that these IGPs will provide for the harvest workers in the rural places where they live. Pray that the small churches in these areas would grow in faith and maturity.

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