Prayer Points 12 May 2024

Our Church

Mother’s Day – Praying for mothers in light of Revelation: Pray for the mothers, grandmothers and women fulfilling motherly roles in our church family to hold fast and keep the words they have heard God speak. May they hide His words in their hearts to live as bold witnesses for Jesus and raise the next generation to also be witnesses for the Kingdom. Pray that God will help them stand on guard against the deceitfulness and lies of the dragon, with discernment to choose rightly who they worship, and raise children who will worship the true King. May the certain coming of Jesus our Bridegroom and the New Creation shape how they make decisions and invest their energies, as well as steward the grief that some may carry in their heart, because of sin’s effects in this world and in relationships with others. Pray also for those who are longing to be mothers–that lifting their eyes to look up at the One who sees all their tears will comfort, strengthen, renew and carry them through their deep pain. May the Lord remind them of their hope in Christ and help them to be faithful even in the sorrow.

Hokkien Service Parents Outreach – Pray for non-believers who attended the service on 12 May that their hearts be open to hear and receive the Gospel, and for continual wisdom and love among the leaders and congregation to follow up with them.

Our People

SA – We thank God for seeing Sister SA through 3 years of theological studies at Singapore Bible College. She graduated on 4th May and then left last Wednesday to move to the Philippines. She will live there with her husband, Jong. Together they will be exploring what the Lord has in store in the next season serving Him in the Philippines. They will be returning to Singapore in June to join us in our Church Camp. Pray that they will be able to adjust to life together and for SA to have a smooth transition to being in the Philippines long term.

Our World

Lebanon – Recently, some of us in church had a good opportunity to get to interact with and hear from Nabil Costa, the CEO of Thimar- LSESD, the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development, a Lebanese non-profit that seeks “to strengthen the witness of the Church in the Arab World through inclusive education, community development, and church discipleship” (from The love of God compels them to minister in these 3 areas to see communities transformed and churches flourishing in both Lebanon and the MENA region. This is the organisation that received some hand-written encouragement cards from our church’s children and youth in the past. Pray for God’s provision for them as they faithfully bring the gospel to this region. In the last 5 years, an estimate of 250,000 Christians have left the country. Pray for provision of resources so good Christian witness can persevere in this hard-pressed region.

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