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One life. What's it all about? Christianity Explored Course September 2014
Christianity Explored starts 3rd September. Come find out who Jesus is. Click for details.

We worship together on Sundays at 3.30 pm at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School

Hard Sayings: John Sermon Series

John 20.31 tells us that the Gospel was written “that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” Who is this Jesus and how is he the Christ, the Son of God? In this series from the Gospel of John, focusing on hard and difficult-to-accept sayings of Jesus as well as hard questions by the people around him, we go beneath and beyond the well-known stories to discover afresh who Jesus is. Why did his original hearers find it hard to believe him or accept his teachings? How is he different from what they thought he was? How different is he from what WE think he is today?

17 Aug: Pastor David Wong: “Saved or Condemned?” (John 3.14-24)
24 Aug: Pastor David Wong: “A Different Kind of Hunger” (John 4.27-42)

31 Aug: Family Worship; message by Mr Quek Tze-Ming
7 Sep: Missions Month; message by Pastor David Wong

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