Welcome to Zion Bishan

ACM 29 May 11.00am

7th Annual Congregational Meeting

29 May, 11.00 am sharp, Sanctuary
All congregations will worship at 9.00 am. ACM and financial papers are available at the church office. Please bring your papers to the meeting, and also an ID card to scan attendance. Attendance is a constitutional obligation for all communicant members resident in Singapore. Please inform the church office if you are not in Singapore on 29 May.

8.30 & 10.30 am Services

29 May: ACM — Combined 9.00 am Service: “Render to Caesar… Render to God” (Mark 12.13-17) — Pastor David Wong

5 Jun: “Money & Possessions” — Pastor Dev Menon

5 pm Service: 1 Thessalonians

29 May: “A Hopeful Wait” (1 Thessalonians 4.13-5.24) — Pastor Ebi Mohan

5 Jun: “Preach the Word” (2 Tim 4) — Elder Jeffrey Lim


Please be reminded not to park in the season parking lots

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