Prayer Points 6 March 2022

Our Church

Christianity Explored (23 Mar) – Training has started for table hosts. Pray for them as they prepare their hearts to lead, and for God to provide more partners. May the rest of the body be bold and courageous in inviting unbelieving loved ones and friends.

Seniors 360 Outreach (12 Mar) – Thank God for an opportunity to minister to the seniors. Pray for His protection on all participants who will be coming this Saturday, that they will come with open hearts to know and see Christ through this outreach event.

Mandarin-English Congregation 7th anniversary (6 Mar) – Thank God for another year of His protection and leading of the ME congregation. Pray that they will continue to strengthen the community, grow in faith, and bring the good news of the gospel to many.

Lent Season – The Lent season invites us to meditate on Jesus’ journey to the cross. May we grieve over this broken world and live in anticipating hope of His resurrection in turbulent times.

Our People

Darrell Tan – Thank God for a very fruitful time serving at a missions agency over the past two years as a seconded staff. With effect from 1 Mar 2022, Darrell has transited over to this agency as Zion Bishan’s missionary. He will be working mainly with the mobilisation  team covering the regional nations. Pray for him as he takes on broader roles and responsibilities. Pray too for Esther, Natanael and Elizabeth as they journey with Darrell in his ministry in the time ahead.

Our World

Nepal – In West Nepal, pray for the renovation of the building which would house the new orphanage in a new area. Pray that the masons and resources will be available for this to resume (as winter ends) and the work completed in good time. In another location, pray for the Lord’s guidance on the matter of land acquisition for the local leaders as they consider establishing another orphanage here. In East Nepal, another partner is embarking on a Cleft Lip & Palate (CLP) project among children in a Buddhist least reached people group (LRP). This year thetarget is to reach out to 80 patients. Thank God for the opportunity to build relationships through this project. May Christ’s love and truth impact the families and communities that are being helped.

Ukraine & Russia Crisis – The situation in Ukraine is very grave with the fierce fighting and the growing humanitarian crisis. Innocent Russians are also suffering under the sanctions imposed on Russia. Pray for the many Christians in both nations to hold firm to their faith and hope amidst the darkness; for relief to reach the thousands of desperate and needy; and for a just and swift end to the war.

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