Prayer Points 12 June 2022

Our Church

#GetReal: Intergenerational Church – Pray that our God will teach us what true Christian and intergenerational unity means through our 4 #GetReal sermons this month. May we be an intergenerational church that passes on the Gospel to many generations after us, and also one that partners in full harmony and with one mind for the sake of the lost.

Seniors360 – We thank God for the good response for the weekday activities in the past few months. Pray for guidance and wisdom in the ministry’s vision of setting up a place for  seniors both in the church and the Bishan community to participate in active ageing activities, so that all seniors can reach out and also be reached with the gospel love of Christ. Pray also that more will come forward to serve as befrienders and volunteers in this ministry.

Our People

Sharon Quek – She has officially assumed the role of Director for Overseas Ministries with effect from 1 June 2022.  Pray for God’s favour and wisdom to guide her in leading the FMC and various Country Consultation Teams into the next era of global ministries.  And for the Lord to go before her and her teams to open doors of opportunities into unreached nations.

Our World

Lebanon – Lebanon held its general elections on 15 May 2022, which saw other parties rise in influence. However, as BBC reports on 17 May, “the lack of an outright winner and Lebanon’s rigid power-sharing political structure means that the chance of significant change is still low.” Pray for the poor in Lebanon, both from refugee and local Lebanese families as they suffer from lack of proper supply of water, food, and electricity due to the multi-faceted crisis of poor governance, economic collapse, the pandemic, and the devastation from the Beirut blast in August 2021. Due to insufficient electricity from government and private sources, our partner in Beirut reports that they will soon be without power 24 hours a day. Pray for God to provide enough funds to be able to install solar panels to run their centre, which provides many services and accommodation for the needy in their community.

Nepal – A partner is in the final stages of fund raising to build a shelter house for youths from an unreached people group. Pray that it will not only provide shelter but will also allow its residents time to interact with our partner and see Jesus through their lives. Pray also for the planned 3 months training for workers in Jan 2023, that it would be a fruitful time of equipping themselves for ministry. May God also provide the land for a planned orphanage for another partner in the northeast part of the country.

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