Prayer Points 15 January 2023

Our Church

CNY – Thank God for this yearly opportunity – for those of us who are ethnically Chinese – to visit our family and friends. May we use this time to share Christ with them. Let us also remember those who are unable to visit or have deeply broken relationships. Why not invite a friend or relative to dinnerchurch to be hosted by the family of God? (Dinnerchurch will be running as per normal on 22nd Jan)

Dinnerchurch – We thank God that dinnerchurch continues every Sunday evening after the 430pm service. It has been a wonderful space to  #getreal with one another as well as to get to know newcomers and friends. Everyone always welcome.

X3A – The support group for sexual addiction continues in 2023. Brothers come on a weekly basis to confess their sins and bring their struggles into the light. Pray that more men will be willing to surrender this area of their lives to Jesus. Contact Ps Dev for more details.

Our World

India – In the Hindi Belt, one partner is opening new tuition centres, pray that this will help students catch up with their studies and the partner can be a good witness to their neighbours. In the northeast, another partner is dedicating 5 new bore wells this week, pray that the water source will be an opportunity for the local community to know the love of Jesus. The same partner is conducting a youth festival for 200 youths, pray for a good programme and journey mercies for participants. In Bihar, one partner’s church youths are taking class 12 practical exams from 10-20 Jan 2023, pray that they will be granted wisdom to do well.

Indonesia – Praise God for the ministry to the deaf and mute community in Sulawesi. Last year, they were able to hold sign language learning classes and vocational skill training for this community. This year, those reaching out to the deaf and mute community went with a group of them to watch a movie about a disabled person who wants to have better education and life. Thank God this was a good way to build relationships with this community. May the friendships help bring the light and love of Christ to them. Our partner is also praying to launch a special church service catered to the deaf and mute on this island. May all these efforts help to connect this community to their Heavenly Father.

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