Prayer Points 19 March 2023

Our Church

Explore 2023 – Thank God for the 5 interns who have decided to join the programme: Fiona Sasmita, Grace Tan, John Lim, Phoebe Yap, & Samuel Kang. Pray for a fruitful time journeying together in the next 10 weeks, as they invest in their relationship with Jesus, spend time exploring church ministries, and consider how knowing Jesus affects their future plans.

Our World

Endau – Thank God that though the flooding in Malaysia last week resulted in Endau church having to worship online on 5 March, onsite service resumed without disruption on 12 March. The church was already embarking on renovation work when the flooding occurred, and the contractor had placed some bricks in the church premises as preparation. The Church was then able to raise and save some furniture and equipment by using all those bricks. Please continue to pray for the smooth resumption/completion of the construction works, and that the Church continues to be a beacon of the Gospel in Endau.

Indonesia – This afternoon, Sharon and 5 others from Zion will be going to visit our brothers and sisters in Kalimantan for about a week. Pray that this will be a good opportunity for them to reconnect and also encourage each other in Christ. Some training sessions will also take place. May these be helpful for them. Pray that they will also be refreshed together in Christ and to spur each other to greater love and faith in Christ. May this love also flow out to others in many unreached regions of Indonesia.

Lebanon – This country has experienced much turbulence in the past few decades, for example, civil war (1975-1990), political instability and economic crises. In fact, Reuters (1 Feb 2023) informs that the Lebanese pound has suffered a 90% devaluation. Pray for Christians to remain firm in their faith and to continue to shine for Christ among the many Syrian refugees and Lebanese poor in the country. The economic crisis has led to many Lebanese who were not poor to become poor in recent years. 

Nepal – Thank God for the safe arrival of Sister Christina in Nepal and also safe return of Sharon. Thank God for the opportunities to meet with brothers and sisters from our partner in East Nepal. They had a good time encouraging our friends and the ones labouring in the north-eastern hills amongst a least reached people group. Pray for wisdom, opportunities, and unity amongst the workers in sharing the good news of Christ. Pray for one visit in April (next month) to one such remote area to bring support and some solar lights for those who are needy in these villages. May these acts of love and compassion bring many to Christ, our loving Saviour.

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