Prayer Points 3 Sep 2023

Our Church

Antioch Summit (7 – 9 Sep) – We have staff and members participating in and helping to organize this missions conference. Pray that many who come will respond in obedience to God’s call to the nations.

Our Nation

Presidential Elections – As Christians we believe all governing authority is from God and is to be honoured as such. Let us pray that the new president of Singapore will continue to advocate for the peace that allows us to practise and propagate our Christian faith. 

Our World

Mongolia – Thank God for the safe return of the 8 member group that went to Mongolia from our church last Tuesday. It was good to link up with a group of brothers and sisters who are from a very unreached people group, and who desire to grow in their knowledge and faith in God. The challenges that face them are a lack of sufficient Christian mentors and also the growing culture of materialism that affects both this community and the wider Mongolian one. They appreciated the informal times of worship, sharing together of food and fellowship in the short time that the team was able to be there. Pray for wisdom and discernment for how to continue to encourage them in the next year.

India (Children’s Day Care Ministries) – Thank God for one partner that runs Children Day Care Centres (DCC) in the northeast. Pray for the planning work that has to be done to conduct an upcoming “Kids Camp” in one of their DCCs. A couple who helps out at one of the DCC could not give sufficient time to fulfil their duties as they are staying at a different location. Pray that God will give them time and wisdom to adjust. Pray for all the children and staff at the various DCCs that they will continue to know Jesus and make Jesus known. We thank God for another partner, Brother A and Sister J and their staff team, who have been faithfully providing a day care children’s programme for preschool to secondary school aged children in Kolkata for many years. The children receive educational tuition, physical exercise, singing, art, spiritual sessions and weekly devotions. Pray that God would grow their faith in Him as they receive from this ministry. Pray also that their families can be reached with the love and truth of the gospel.

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