Prayer Points 18 Feb 2024

Our Church

Seniors360 CNY Friendship Meal (17 Feb) – Thank God for the many volunteers, befrienders and presenters who signed up for this outreach to bless the seniors at Golden Jasmine. Through the different programs and song items planned, pray for the seniors to experience the love and the friendship of Christ, and that Gospel seeds will be sown in their hearts through Ps Kew’s message.

MCEL Trip – Ps Paul Yeo will be preaching at Hubong, Endau and Rompin from 17-18 Feb. Pray that through the sermons, the MCEL churches would continue to be in unity with the Spirit and each other. Two ZB members would be traveling with him.

ECM – Pray for the ECM that all members will catch, support and live out Zion Bishan’s vision to Present Everyone Mature In Christ through our ministries, activities and work within our church family, and in our home and foreign missions. 

Land Lease Renewal – Pray for our application for the fresh 30-year Land Lease Renewal for God’s favour that we may continue to shine for Him here in Zion Bishan. Pray also for a favourable offer amount from the SLA.

Our World

Wars and Internal Conflicts – Pray for God’s mercy for people groups in many parts of the world which are affected by wars and internal conflicts (e.g. Ukraine-Russia, Israel-Gaza, Myanmar). These conflicts have resulted in much internal displacement of local people and untold deaths and suffering due to violence, lack of essential food, water and shelter. May God raise up peacemakers and relief providers for all who have suffered. May Christians bring the comfort and grace of God to all who are suffering in these various places.

Indonesia – Indonesia conducted its presidential elections on 14 Feb, last Wednesday. Over 200 million people, over three time zones would have cast their ballots for the country’s next president and vice-president and a total of 580 seats will need to be filled in the House of Representatives, Indonesia’s national Parliament (The Straits Times, 14 Feb). Pray for God to raise upright, wise and compassionate leaders through these elections that would govern this populous nation well. We thank God for a network of missiology school alumni whom we encourage to be salt and light where they are to unreached peoples in this vast island nation.

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