Prayer Points 19 June 2022

Our Church

#InterGen Discipleship – Pray that God will convict our hearts as one church of personal discipleship to model Christ one generation to another. Pray for those who are presently toiling hard in this personal ministry – that the Spirit will strengthen them, and that their disciples grow in Christlikeness. Pray for members who yearn for someone more spiritually mature and of another generation to disciple them – that God will answer their heart’s desire.

Basic AG Leaders Equipping Course – Continue praying for the 10 participants of BAGLE as we approach the mid-way point of the course. Pray that truths learnt and discussions we have had about healthy AGs and intentional, personal discipleship in the past weeks will take root in their hearts. Pray that our Heavenly Father may minister to each participant as we explore the centrality of Word ministry in our AGs, and how they can grow their own hearts in listening to Jesus.

Soccer Ministry – Thank God for the opportunity to gather for an outing last Saturday, 11 June. Pray that God will continue to speak to the youths and the kids even in the midst of the many questions and challenges they face at this stage of their lives. Pray the friendships forged will continue to be a reflection of God’s heart and love for them.

Our World

Bangladesh – We thank God that our partner here was on a recent trip that enabled them to minister to women from the largest unreached people group globally. Many were keen to know more about Jesus and received Christian literature warmly. Pray that their hunger for Jesus will grow so that they will persevere in seeking Him. Praise God, the teachers training for their adult literacy classes are completed and all classes will start on 1 July 2022.

India – One partner in the northeast has requested prayers for their planned night gospel meetings in a new village. Pray for God to open the hearts of all who will come. Other partners have shared prayer requests linked to life’s challenges that believers face (illnesses, house attacked by elephants, having suicidal thoughts, and school refusal). Pray for our loving God to comfort and strengthen various believers’ faith as they face these life challenges.

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